Top Brown Acid Stains for Concrete

There are many color variations with concrete stain but one of the top choices that goes well with traditional and modern design is a brown/walnut. These are some of the top brown concrete stain products available.

A lighter brown, this is best used when applied in a mottled pattern with a darker color. Otherwise it will all be lighter brown.

This is a black acid color, but it can also be used in a diluted or mixed color state to make your other colors a little darker. Keep in mind with acid you cannot usually go over it with a second coat so this color needs to be added next to the application of a lighter color OR mixed in to alter the color. This is generally used in the mottled effect you see above applied with a

Be sure that when using acid based stains or cleaners, that you use an acid-resistant sprayer with them. Here is a good quality choice:

Concrete Eco Friendly Stain Products

For those who do not want to worry about working with acid or having to go through the preparation of an acid-based stain, you can use some of these water based stains. Some water-based stains apply a little more uniformly, so using a method such as a sprayer or a sponge with multiple colors will aid in giving you a mottled or design appearance on the floor. (Unless your concrete already has a lot of color variation in it.)

Dark Brown Water Based Stain

English Red Water Based Stain

Cola Water Based Stain

Grey Water Based Stain

These are some of the most popular colors. Again if you are looking for a mottled effect with these stains I highly recommend getting a sponge or applicator and using your creativity to “paint” these stains on. You can also use a sprayer for the mottled effect.

These do not have a reaction with the concrete, and the best part is that you can use ANYTHING over them. Acid-based stains are generally not something you can paint over if you do not like them. (You would have to etch the concrete to remove it.) So these are also flexible for those who want more creative freedom with their floors.

After you have your water-based stain down, you may also want to use a water-based sealer.

Aqua Klear Koat – Concrete Clear Acrylic Water-Based Sealer

If you are using an epoxy, you may want these as well:

Epoxy Spiked Shoes