Staining Concrete VS Hardwood Floors

Turning the great room into my studio. This has been a planned and replanned room for months. First, I was going to lay hardwood floors, now I’m staining the concrete. That was a large jump wasn’t it? Now why am I staining the concrete instead of laying down some beautiful hardwood? I give you…

Hardwood Vs Staining Concrete
1. Stained concrete is easier to maintain, I wouldn’t have to worry about ruining my floor.
2. Staining concrete runs about $400-$800 DIY project. I’m doing about 750 sq ft. The chocolate brown bamboo hardwood quote was around $8,000 installed. (I wouldn’t chance installing such an expensive floor myself.) Who doesn’t love those numbers?
3. The wood I planned on purchasing claimed to be “environment friendly” but I’m sure using what I already have is more green no matter what.
4. Stained concrete is beautiful and modern. Two things I love.

The “maybe it’s not such a good idea” thoughts…
1. Concrete may be colder than wood, but not necessarily any different than tile.
2. If you drop something on concrete such as a glass, it’s a goner.

What if we waste $600 on all the materials, work, and then hate our stained concrete floors?! Well, we’ll deal with it until we get hardwood floors to cover it up!

The bottom line:
The carpet had to go. Immediately.

We learned that removing this much carpet really stinks, literately for us since we have pets. And you really wonder what you’re breathing when you look under old carpet, ick! It took us hours but we managed to roll up all the old carpet, padding, and scheduled the dump to pick it up. I would’ve offered someone to reuse it, but it was in bad shape.

Underneath… even a little mold by the kitchen doorway. After you remove the carpet you will have dust floating around, a shop vac is nice for cleaning up all the dust on the floor and in the air.

The studio is connected to our master bedroom, so it’s also getting new floors. Where did our new huge bed go? Why we’re sleeping in the living room for now, haha.

Finally carpet free, but tons of work to come.