Does a stained concrete floor increase the value of a home?

I would say yes. In this day and age the homes that have a more clean, unique, or modern approach generally are going to do better on the market than the rest!

Especially with the COST efficiency of concrete floor “installation”. For some it may be as easy as ripping up the carpet and doing a quick wash and stain. But for others, the damaged concrete or slab issues may wind up being more of a hurdle and costing more time and money in the long run.

Refinishing a home with beautiful concrete floors may cost as little as $0.60 each sq. ft. (Depends on concrete condition, products, and methods used.)

But overall, the benefits generally outweigh the cons. If all else fails, simply install something over it! (Not all concrete floors allow this, but for some you won’t need to do anything except cover it up.)

The longevity and ease of cleaning will be incredibly desirable for buyers, landlords, and renters. Instead of having your carpets cleaned every move, you’ll just need to wash it down and possibly do a new top coat every four years. These floors are nearly indestructible and will last for decades with proper upkeep. As minimal as that upkeep is!